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Samsung Galaxy S5 (and Android lollipop)

My Galaxy S5 updated itself to the newest Lollipop (5.0) Android operating system some weeks back, and these are my observations based on the way I use my phone.

1. It now gives you a preview of your e-mail and notifications from the lock screen.

2. Chrome tabs are merged with the task manager list (lower right soft button on my phone).

3.  Voice recognition is somewhat improved.

4. Some games don’t work without updates, and even updates don’t help others.

Some of these improvements are really nice.  Some of them are not so helpful.

Lock Screen Preview

I personally like the preview from the lock screen of what has been going on.  HOWEVER, and this is a big one, if you have personal or private messages from someone AND you have your phone password protected, this “feature” can expose some of your private information to anyone in possession of the phone.

Of course if you don’t password protect the phone, it is a non-issue because anyone who has the phone would have access to your information anyway.

In order to turn off this feature, go to settings>Sound and Notifications>Notifications – While Locked>Do not Show Notifications.  This is where I found the information by googling “android lock screen notifications.” http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s5/490159-how-do-i-turn-off-lollipop-notifications-lock-screen.html

Merged Tabs

OK, I really tried to like this.  What happens is that all the tabs from your Chrome browser are now located at the task manager button at the bottom of the screen rather than from a little box in the Chrome browser.  The logic is that each tab is a new task.  I’ve used my phone since Lollipop was installed, and I’ve really struggled with this one.  This morning I decided to do something about it.

You open your Chrome browser and go to a new tab so that there isn’t an open page.  Tap on the 3 dots for the menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen and choose Settings from the menu.  Toward the top you will see “Merge tabs and apps.”  Tap on it to toggle on and off.  I turned it off, and trust me, it is staying off.

This is where I found it.  I Googled “android chrome tabs task manager” (without the quotes).  http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/10/20/lollipop-feature-spotlight-chromes-tabs-are-now-treated-as-separate-recent-tasks-in-the-app-switcher-but-its-optional/

Improved Voice Recognition

Who can argue with better voice recognition?  I use it for texting and e-mail, so it is good when it is better.  If you have had a different experience with Lollipop, let me know, and I’ll give you equal time here.

Application Fails

It took about 20 minutes to download and install the 5.0, Lollipop, upgrade to my phone.  It took nearly 2 days to download and install the updated apps.  Of course the problem was that the phone kept turning off/timing out, so keeping it awake to download updates took some time.  I had significant problems with a couple of games.  Even an uninstall/reinstall/cache dump didn’t help Big Fish Casino.  It only recently started working again.   Fortunately the programs I use all the time (Touch Timer, List Master, and Radar Express) continued to work without interruption.

My recommendation is that you download any updates to programs you use regularly BEFORE trying to run them on Lollipop.  Trying to open a program that isn’t updated can corrupt the cache of that program causing future problems.


I like change in technology (duh).  I like some of the changes in Lollipop.  Personally I like the preview on the lock screen, but I HATE merging my Chrome tabs with the running apps in Task Manager.  What I DO like is the ability to turn off the things I don’t like.  Android and Samsung have gotten it right this time.